Friday Sermon | “I’m a Lifelong Lutheran, but…” Rev Jonathan Fisk

frisermonFor today’s edition of Friday Sermon, I thought we’d introduce you guys to Rev Jonathan Fisk’s story, as told by Jonathan Fisk. There is a problem within the church of failing to teach or catechize the next generation in the faith. Personally, I’ve come to the Lutheran confessions from the outside, from the dark side of the NAR. There is a temptation of thinking that somehow I have a more interesting “coming to the Lutheran confessions” than someone who might have been born into a Lutheran family. This isn’t true. The story of how God the Holy Spirit rescues us from our sin is always interesting, uplifting, and praiseworthy… for it is God who saves.

Rev. Jonathan Fisk Bio

The Rev. Jonathan Fisk is best known for his work with “Worldview Everlasting,” a YouTube channel founded to help spread Lutheran doctrine. With over 2.3 million total views and nearly 9,500 subscribers, it has helped countless spiritually starving people renew their faith and find homes in LCMS congregations across the country. Fisk is also the author of Broken: Seven “Christian” Rules that Every Christian Ought to Break.

Fisk has served the LCMS as a missionary in New Jersey and as a parish pastor in Philadelphia, Chicago, and rural North Dakota. He has a Master of Divinity degree from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, (2006) and a B.A. in Creative Writing from Sonoma State University in California (2000).

He and his wife, Meredith, have five children: Chloe, Anastasia, Trinity, Fides, and Alleluia. Fisk loves to play nerdy games, has a weakness for spicy/tangy/sweet fried food and still thinks he has a small shot at playing in the NBA some day, once time and circumstances allow. (source)

I’m a Lifelong Lutheran, But… with Rev. Jonathan Fisk

Published on Feb 16, 2013
Pr. Jonathan Fisk speaks and discusses the crisis we have in catechizing our young ones (in homes, churches, and schools). He skillfully addresses the problems and honestly expresses his own ongoing struggle to find a solution with regards to how we pass down the faith from generation to generation (especially this new generation which is being entertained to death). Of particular note, Pr. Fisk discusses the phrase “I’ve been a Lutheran all my life, but…” which is how Lutherans confess non-Lutheran teachings and criticize Lutheran doctrine and practice. This has become a standard phrase which tries to introduce a non-Lutheran solution to the problems that we see out there among our youth. Commendable for trying to fix the problem we all see, it falls flat because it does not come from Lutheran teachings. Pastor Fisk asks some tough questions to wrestle with as we catechize our youth.

In Christ Jesus,

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