Lutheran Resources

Pirate Christian Radio Fighting for the Faith Worldview EverlastingIssues ETC and Lutheran Public Radio

Reformed Resources

Alpha and Omega Ministries with Dr James White apprising ministry archive of Ken Silva's Work

Non Denominational Resources

Truth for Life with Alistair BeggWhite Horse InnWretched Radio with Todd Friel



Additional Resources

I do not consider myself an authority in Scriptures or the sciences; therefore, I look to various research sites for my blogs. The following is a list of some of the sites I frequent in my research:

  • I usually go to Bible Gateway. Their resources (Reformation Study Bible, Matthew Henry’s Commentary, etc.) are excellent and they have more translations than I could ever hope to need. I have recently installed their BibleGateway Mobile App and absolutely love it. Unfortunately, they’ve started promoting heretical devotionals sold in most Christian bookstores (Like Sarah Young’s “Jesus Calling”), so please just use them for reading the Bible.
  • The Blue Letter Bible
  • I am also a fan of
  • For researching Jewish History I have been using the following:
    • Jewish Virtual Library, a project of the American-Iraeli Cooperative Enterprise. The articles contained in this library are written with a strongly academic tone, to the extent that many of the articles seem written by an non-religious scholar. I do like that they have put together a great deal of archeological research and extra-biblical perspectives.
    • I found this site useful for having a quick timeline and for its maps. It is only used as a supplemental tool for research.

As I find more, I’ll be sure to include links on this page.

God bless!

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