Friday Sermon | “God is for God” by Matt Chandler

For today’s good sermon, we’ll be going back in time a bit, back to Elevation Church’s Code Orange Revival of 2012. We are going to have a listen at what was most likely the best and most biblically sound message every delivered at Elevation Church… that message preached by Matt Chandler (the Village Church).

This sermon was edited out of the rebroadcasts of Code Orange Revival 2012 without any explanation. The Sola Sisters and Fighting for the Faith both covered the issue when it was current.

There are times when well-known pastors will agree to speak in highly questionable venues. Many loved ones object, fearing that their presence will be leveraged by false teachers as a tacit endorsement of their false teaching. For the most part, I agree with those who warn against going to such venues. However, what Matt Chandler does at Elevation Church in this sermon was bold, and faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I really enjoyed this sermon.


If you know anyone at Elevation, pray for them that the Holy Spirit will reach them and remove their blinders. Pray for the repentance of those in leadership at Elevation. Pray that the wolves be silenced. And pray for Matt Chandler and other pastors who are faithfully executing their pastoral duties while having to deal with a mega-church environment.

In Christ Jesus,

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