CTT | Playing the Pharisee Card by Todd Wilken

CTTIn Politics, we’ve learned to spot those who play the “racism card”, the “war on women” card, and the “nazi card”. We should all recognize these as bad arguments, and signs the one ‘playing the card’ has no argument and has resorted to ad hominem attacks. While we do see these from time to time within the church, something we see that is unique to the church is the Pharisee Card. It is generally used to silence those who voice disagreement or objection to a church doing something innovative that cannot be clearly supported in scripture. Celebrity pastors/teachers use this to vilify Discernment ministries.

Last week, Chris Rosebrough commented on Beth Moore’s ad hominem attack and recommend the following article by Todd Wilken of Issues, etc.

Here’s a quick snippet of the article:

Sample Article: “Playing the Pharisee Card
I have been called a Pharisee more times than I can remember. It goes with the territory. I host a conservative Christian radio talk show. I publicly defend the teachings and practices of the historic Church. I also publicly point out false teaching and practices in the Church today. For these reasons alone, some believe that I deserveto be called a Pharisee.

But I’m not alone. Today, the label “Pharisee” is applied to many Christians just like me—perhaps you’re one of them. We are Christians who cherish God’s Word, the Church’s historic Creeds, confessions and practices. …

When we see the Church abandoning these things to follow the latest fads and entertainments, we lament. When we see the Gospel itself being left behind in the Church’s rush to mimic popular culture, we are grieved. And when we question the Church’s infatuation with the spirit of the age, we are labeled Pharisees. (continue reading…)

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