Does John 14:12 teach that I am more powerful than Jesus?

Wonderful article addressing Creflo’s bible twists and solid exegesis of John 14:12. Be sure to check out more of the Armchair Theologian’s blogs.

Armchair Theologian


Above is an image of Creflo Dollar, who I am singling out for this post on frequently twisted passages.  He like others I have also featured twists the Bible on the regular, and below I am going to analyze one of the verses that he does this to.

While Leaving Adventism one of the things that I studied was Pentacostal Theology.  Their teaching on this verse in John though is pervasive these days so I am going to address it plainly.  The way this is presented by the Pentacostals and Charismatics is that evidence of the Christian life is greater works.

By that they mean, if you are truly faithful and penitent, then you should be performing miracles.  Not just your garden variety miracles mind you, you must be outdoing Christ himself.  Not just you either, but the Church at large.  And if you don’t see that happening then you should be concerned…

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