Friday Sermon| “Faith & Experience” the White Horse Inn

WhiteHorseInnToday’s Friday Sermon comes from the White Horse Inn podcast. This has been a very emotional week filled with prayer and study, but I did not have a great deal of time to review many full sermons. Thankfully, as I was hopping through my podcast resources, this episode of the White Horse Inn seemed to be a great way to transition out of a week of emotional highs and lows and into the weekend, ready for the weekly worship service.

Faith & Experience

August 30, 2015

Do today’s Christians end up focusing more on the experience of faith rather than the object of faith? Are we more interested in the practical application of Christianity than we are in truly understanding the Christianity that is to be applied? What are the dangers of this kind of approach to the Christian life? On this special edition of the program recorded before a live audience, Michael Horton and Rod Rosenbladt unpack the relationship between faith and experience (originally aired Jan. 29, 2012).

The White Horse Inn offers a study guide in pdf for this discussion:

In Christ Jesus,

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