Ordinary Grace from Whitehorse Inn

While we are still on a bit of a break from our normal blogging schedule, I get to spend more time listening to podcasts and sermons I don’t normally get around to. I found this podcast from the Whitehorse Inn to be a wonderful reminder of the beauty of God’s ordinary grace.

Ordinary Grace

Have you grown weary of Christian fads promising to transform the world, or your own approach to the Christian life? On this special edition of the program, Michael Horton calls us back to an appreciation of ordinary grace that can sustain us for the long-term. Recorded at a recent Gospel Coalition conference in Boston, Massachusetts, Dr. Horton encourages us not to be taken in by the excitement and hype of “the next big thing,” but instead to focus our attention on the ordinary means of grace.


Be blessed this summer, and do spend some time in the Word.
In Christ Jesus,

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