Christianity Is Not for Everyone

Well worth the read.

Let’s face it, Christianity is not for everyone.

saintstickmanIf you’re a religious person who has made such huge strides in holiness that you deem grace a crutch for those still handicapped by sin, who can detect the faint applause of angels clapping their wings at your record ofobedience, who has led such an exemplary life that you’ve landed a spot on heaven’s honor roll, then you’ll feel like you’re slumming in Christianity, for Jesus calls poor, miserable sinners, not those who sport homemade halos.

If you’ve clawed, rung by rung, up the ladder of life and now, kicked back on a pedestal of success, look down your nose on the masses of good-for-nothings who’ll never be your peers, then you’ll have no use for the God of failures who bled between lawbreakers.

If you’re strutting around with a trophy wife on your arm, chest puffed out as you eye the…

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