Friday Sermon | No Place for Truth by Alistair Begg

2011-alistair-beggToday’s sermon comes from the recent After Darkness, Light: 2015 National Conference hosted by Ligonier Ministries. This particular lecture/sermon was brought to my attention via Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith. If you’d like to listen to the audio only, do visit Fighting for the Faith and listen there. I enjoy watching the videos of these talks, so I will be sharing the video from Ligonier Ministry website.

No Place for Truth by Alistair Begg

From the Ligonier Page:

We are facing a culture that does not see truth as absolute, that says all paths lead to God, and that disdains the rigorous intellectual pursuit of the things of the Lord. Such darkened thinking resists the light of God’s Word, and it influences the church in ways that hinder our ability to shine forth the Lord’s truth. Dr. Alistair Begg looks at the threats of anti-intellectualism, relativism, and postmodernism, exhorting us to proclaim Christ as the way, the truth, and the life. Dr. Begg calls us away from a low view of truth to a view that places truth front and center in the Christian mission.

Watch the Video by clicking here

Listen to the audio only at Fighting for the Faith here.

I pray you find the time to listen to or watch this lecture/sermon. Be blessed and encouraged in Christ Jesus.


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